Finnleo Acrylic Steam Suites

There may be no better way in the world to achieve such a feeling of well-being and comfort than that offered by time in a Finnleo Steam Suite. There is, after all, no name in the world more respected for products that promote health, happiness and relaxation than Finnleo. Enhance your steam experience by adding a drop or two of your favorite fragrance. All ages can enjoy and benefit from this wonderful, affordable addition to practically any home. It can be enjoyed alone or with others. Many of our Finnleo Steam Suites can fit in the same space as a standard tub/shower.

Finnleo Steam Suites feature a fully sealed, beautifully designed glass front and door, and a Finnleo steam generator system. The enclosure walls are of acrylic — warm to the touch, yet amazingly simple to care for, wiping to a lustrous shine with mild soap and water. Available in white or bone.

Finnleo's optional deluxe shower bathing system converts your bathroom into the ultimate luxury spa. The optional pre-plumbed shower system shown in the photos is by world fixture leader Grohe. The shower system includes body message heads, ceiling shower head, hand shower, diverter control valves, and thermostatic valve. Finnleo pre-installs the shower system for easy installation on-site. You can also install your own Shower system.

Please keep in mind that like all our Steam units they have to be installed with a drain, and will require local Electrical and Plumbing codes to be followed. Even though these untis are complete, they do require outside finished work and framing. For complete details on any of these Steam Suites please contact us, we are here to help you.


MCS 338
Personal steam suite. 38" x 38" x 90-1/2" with one built-in seat. Neo-angle corner steam suite.

MCS 305
Roomy enough for two, the MS 305 is our largest shower/steam suite combination. Two built-in seats for your added comfort. 88-1/2" x 62" x 34".


MS 306
This steam suite has been designed for exceptional comfort. Featuring our recliner seat integrally molded into the suite. 88-1/2" x 62" x 34".

MS 4836
Enjoy an invigorating shower or steam bath after work or play. Featuring an integral molded seat, its full four-foot enclosure makes the MS 348 one of our most popular shower/steam suites. 88-1/2" x 50" x 34".


MS 6035
Beautifully designed with extra depth, making it especially suitable for whirlpools. 88-1/2" x 62" x 34". Optional teakwood seat available.


MTS 377E
A full twelve inches longer than conventional bathing suites. It's comfortable, and it's designed for total relaxation. 88-3/4" x 73-3/4" x 36. Optional teakwood seat available.


It is recommended that you consult with Erik at Saunas By Erkki about the Pro's and Con's of Installing an Acrylic Steam Suites before you consider purchasing one. Please also keep in mind that these Suites need to have both water and drain hook-up, as well as electric. One will need to consult a local contractor about all codes and installations.

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