Steam Generators, Controls & Accessories

Finnleo Steam Generators provide continuous steam, evenly dispersed and dependably delivered. The generators are compact and good-looking. They are also easily installed because all controls and accessories simply plug into the front of the generator. And all Finnleo Steam Generators have stainless steel tanks, Incalloy 825 elements, an electronic low-water shut-off, as well as a 30 minute built-in timer (activate with controls) and a safety pressure release valve.


Finnleo Steam Generators Lead The Way

With its beautiful stainless steel outer enclosure and black endcaps- the Finnleo FSX steam generators are as attractive as they are functional. Finnleo's design assures very easy installation with controls simply plugging into the generator. Finnleo steam generators have stainless steel tanks with Incalloy 825 elements for high output and long life. Finnleo's "Gentle Steam" function automatically reduces its power when the set temperature is achieved, providing more continuous steam, dispersed evenly. The unit has an electronic low-water cut-out, a safety pressure release valve and drain. Insulated steamhead includes reservoir for mixing fragrance with steam. Top-side easy access cleaning port for adding tank descalent. Options include an automatic flush system and controls.



 Commercial Steam Generator

Finnleo offers a complete range of commercial steam generators from 12kW to 42kW. Please call Erik for complete commercial specifications.

  • ASME certified low-pressure vessel
  • One or two room operation
  • Optional 24-hour/7-day clock
  • Three-level water sensing system
  • Indicator lights with integral diagnostics
  • Designed for easy serviceability

Other standard features include manual override power switch and an "essence reservoir." Two additional options are automatic flush and digital controls. The standard steam generator package includes a chrome reservoir steamhead. Timer is standard and built into the generator (order controls separately).



1- Low Voltage On/Off Switch - Mounted inside the steambath, this switch allows the bather to turn the generator on and off from inside. Has integral light.

2- SX-60 - Mounts inside or outside the steam bath. Sleek, digital, obround design with generator on/off, digital readout of temp, and time remaining, and adjustable time and temp. Low-voltage, flush mount. 3 3/16"H x 4 7/8"W x 1/4"D. Use with FSX generators. Residential use up to 60 minute programmable time, or continous mode for commercial use.

3- SX-30 - Same as SX-60, except non-digital. The SX-30 display window lights up when the generator is on. Built-in 30 minute timer, manual adjustable temperature range from 100 to 125 degrees f. On-Off switch indicator light.


1- Insulated Steamheads with fragrance reservoir. Specifically designed with a reservoir for a perfect mixutre of scent and steam. Steamhead has an insulated inner core for additional steambath safety. Available in chrome, gold, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished bras, or white.

2- Steambath Seats- Convert your existing shower/bath area into a luxurious steam suite with Finnleo's custom steam doors, windows and seats. Moisture resistant Finnleo steam seats easily mount to any wall, and tilt up after use. Available in white acrylic, wood/chrome and wood/gold.


It is recommended that you consult with Erik at Saunas By Erkki about the Pro's and Con's of Installing an Acrylic Steam Suit before you consider purchasing one. Please also keep in mind that these Suits need to have both water and drain hook-up, as well as electric. One will need to consult a local contractor about all codes and installations.

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