How To Enjoy Your Sauna

These instructions are intended as a general guide. If you have your own way to enjoy the sauna, we are sure you will be equally pleased with your purchase.

Close the vent on the back wall of the sauna. This will reduce the time taken for the sauna to reach the desired temperature.

Turn on the sauna heater. If the controls are built-in, the top knob is the timer which provides up to 60 minutes operating time. Allow 30-60 minutes heat-up time, plus plenty of time to enjoy the sauna. If more time is needed, simply reset the timer when it expires.

The bottom knob is the thermostat which determines the temperature of the sauna. Turn this knob about two thirds round the dial. Experience will show at which position the sauna reaches the heat which you; is most comfortable to you. Normal operating temperature ranges from 160 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit taken at heat-height. If the controls external/separate from the heater, the timer is on the left, thermostat on the right.

Insure there is water in the sauna bucket. Use fresh tap water each time. Do not use spa or pool water with chemicals in it.

Wait for the sauna to reach the desired temperature (usually 30 to 60 minutes).

Take a warm shower and enter the sauna without drying. Open the sliding vent to ensure a good
passage of air throughout the sauna. The ventilation system, with the vent positioned beneath the benches, prevents extreme variations in temperature between the upper and lower level benches, and it keeps heat loss to a minimum. Most importantly, it brings a continuous supply of fresh oxygen, making the sauna feel more open and comfortable.

 Don't overdo it! Remain in the sauna long enough to warm up and stimulate a mild perspiration. Then take a shower to cleanse the skin; sit and cool down before reentering the sauna. Length of time in the sauna, and cool-off periods depend on your own comfort level. Reenter the sauna when you feel comfortable.

This is the time when you completely relax.

Have the temperature at a level which is comfortable for you; use water from the sauna bucket to create steam. Ladle it on the rocks to adjust the humidity to your liking. With no water added, the humidity level in the sauna can be less than 10 percent. Most people prefer to add water, creating steam, to raise the humidity to the 20 to 25 percent range. Adjust to your liking.

When you are finished and ready to cool down, turn the sauna heater off by turning the thermostat off. If there is time left on the timer let it run itself out. Do not force the time to the OFF position! Have a shower, cool enough to close your pores. relax enjoy the special "after sauna glow" enjoy an after-sauna snack of a healthful, cold drink and something salty to eat. Enjoy the company of the friends you shared the sauna with, or any other non-strenuous pastime.

NOTICE: The timer on Built-in controls and separate controls has special features. Read this before operation!! The timer has a 9-plus-1 feature. This allows you 60 minutes operation time, plus up to nine hours to preset delay. If you turn the timer into the 1-9 range, the heater will not operate. To operate the heater, turn the dial past the first section (zero to 1) or (Off to On) depending upon the heater or control, then turn back counterclockwise until you hear it click on. To use the preset time-delay feature, simply turn the dial to the number of hours you want to delay the start. For example, if you want the sauna to come on 4 hours later, turn the dial to 4. The time will wind down for 4 hours without the heater operating, then will click on and operate for one hour.

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